Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant

Simply put, our value ‘Collaboration’ is about our consultants working together as a team – not just with their colleagues. But with the construction professionals who come to us looking for a new opportunity. And with the industry-leading clients looking to grow their teams with the best talent the sector has to offer.

First and foremost, construction professionals and clients need to put their trust in us to “do the work for them” – be that looking for a new opportunity or a new team member. And both essentially want their needs understood. Working with each as a team is the key to this. Our consultants look to build flexibility to the process and, importantly, adapt their style to mould with a professional’s or client’s preferred way of working, their information needs, and desired outcomes. Working in this manner forms successful and lasting relationships – the relationships we have built our company on. We believe our collaborative approach, along with our results, is a testament to the many relationships we have forged over the years.

Collaboration doesn’t just take place externally; it is also embedded in our team of consultants and how they work together. It is stereotypical of the industry to have consultants within a recruitment company vying over the best candidates, clients, or opportunities – the one who gets the deal over the line first is victorious! That is not true for Cityscape Recruitment. Each of our consultants is a specialist in their own slice of the industry. Be that Groundworks and RC Frames or Technical and Design within the Residential Sector, or any of the other sectors we cover at Cityscape Recruitment. They are well informed (more on that soon!) and are fonts of knowledge on all things to do with their sector. With this knowledge comes a realisation of how multi-faceted and intertwined the market can be. This, along with the removal of in-house competition, shifts the focus to simply delivering a good service. The need for collaboration with their colleagues on other “desks” becomes not only necessary but paramount to getting the job done (well). Sharing knowledge. Sharing professionals. Sharing opportunities. These are all vital. And, when done effectively, our professionals and clients benefit from being exposed to more options – be that career-enhancing opportunities or team-enhancing (exceptional) candidates.

It’s safe to say it has been an interesting couple of years – what with Brexit and then COVID. And now with the atrocities that are happening in Ukraine and the knock-on effect each is now having on our economy. The world, unfortunately, will not be a stable place for some time. Professionally and personally, we will have to carry on coping with challenges that we thought were behind us and cope with increased financial burdens. The market is performing well now, albeit being a little candidate poor, but may take a downward turn especially if the cost of oil keeps increasing. As always, uncertainty brings out the worst of what the recruitment industry offers. The competition is fierce. Some are showing a level of desperation in their actions – hunting down clients for a fee for a speculative CV sent six months ago is never a good look. These are the times we continue to be most thankful for the collaborative approach we have – internally and externally. Internally – we have kept our team engaged and strong. Collaboration has contributed to the average tenure of our consultants being five years (something we are proud of given that the company is 12 years old). Our team has the experience to work through whatever the market throws at us and will do so with their colleagues and clients, together. Externally – we have kept the communication channels wide open. We are in this with our clients and will navigate the changing climate, together.

The market may be changeable, and the world seems a bit s**t right about now, but if our value quote is to be believed and we work collaboratively, brilliant, career-enhancing opportunities can still be achieved.

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